Picsart is an Android most powerful photo editor App since it was released. PicsArt is an image editing tool, collage and drawing application for android,ios and windows mobile and it is also a social network where you can share your design, edit with the people around the world. PicsArt lets users to take and edit pictures, draw with layers, and share their images with the PicsArt community and on other networks like Facebook and Instagram. mostly to say you can say it is the Photoshop App for mobile phones because you can get features like Photoshop in the App.

Add custom .ttf Font in picsart

It is being used for drawing, Editing for photos, create simple logo design, create 3d text arts etc. There are so many features where you can make beautiful design of your name, combine the pics, etc overall all to say about picsart, it is the one of the best Photoshop app for mobile and the best photo editor for mobile phones. but in the app you can create beautiful text name art though, picsart default font s not not so good, therefore, I'm telling how you can add your own custom .ttf font to your picsart app and grow your level. so have a look down.

  • Download .ttf font package
  • Extract it to your sdcard
  • Goto to extracted folder and move your .ttf fonts to phone storage/picsart/fonts
  • Open picsart and add text and choose style My Font. done!!

How to add custom .ttf font in picsart?

You must have experience that picsart default Font style are not good as much as you think. in my case, i use the picsart for many proposal. i have designed the logo for my website in it, i use it for design own featured image for my blog, YouTube etc. but i come to know that the Font are not so unique in the App and i decided to added more font in picsart, so if you were willing to add more and more font style in the picsart i have explained how you can do that😎. look down.

Step 1 : Download .ttf font package

before you start you need the custom .ttf font pack so if download the some beautiful font package from the link below. If you want to add more fonts goto the this link. and Download you desired .ttf font for free.

Step 2 : Extract and save

This Downloaded zip file contains the .ttf fonts, so need to extract it to the any specific folder later you can access it all easioy. to extract you can use any file manager app such as es explore etc or you can use any zip extractor.

Step 3 : Move in /fonts folder

After you extract all of your fonts. Move those all .ttf font to your internal storage/ picsart/fonts folder. and come back to the app you will see there your own custom fonts available for use.

Add custom .ttf Font in picsart

Step 4 : Test your fonts

Open the picsart app and write some words with text and try to changer your style with custom fonts you recently added. It works very well.

Add custom .ttf Font in picsart

Demo of .ttf FONTS

Look the screenshot below. These all are just the demo of the custom .ttf FONTS. add more Fonts downloading .ttf fonts.

Demo .ttf Font in picsart

This is how you can simply add custom Font in the picsart. If you are still don't know about the picsart start using it you will surely love it. As i already explained you can do so many things by this one app. I use mostly picsart for my own designs, image and 3d arts. it is the king of other editor App. Leave your message down if you face any difficulties on the post.

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