Earn money by websites is challenging things because it might takes longer time and is a long term process. you can see so many examples around us on this topic how People are earning creating free website blog. . You also start your journey from now because creating website and earn money doesn't cost a single penny. If you are willing to create your website for free you can choose any platform where you can create your own free website without any cost. Blogspot and WordPress are the platform where you can create your website for free. So, look down how you can start from the beginning.

create free website and earn money

WordPress is easy if you compare with blogger. WordPress has lots of plugins , beautiful themes but blogger has no any plugins more like WordPress has. but, in WordPress you need to spend some money while blogger where you don't need to spend any money to start. if you skip the WordPress and don't have budget to start blogging you should go for blogger.com. I am explaining how you can start creating free website in blogger.com and earn money spending no any cost. if you are interested you can have a look on this article.

How to create free website and earn money?

Well, to create free website and earn money without spending your balance you need to go with blogger.com. Blogger is completely free to use which is hosted by google. You don't need hosting or domains in blogger. you can earn money with this . blogspot.com domain which is hosted by google for free. but, i have already explained blogger does not have plugins like WordPress has so, you need basic knowledge of html, css also good if you know the JavaScript because of Sometimes you need to customize your site. now, look from the steps one to end for knowledge to how to earn money creating free website.

Step 1 : Create free website

If you are choosing the blogger.com you need to go to the blogger website and create your site. to create your free website on blogger Goto this link.

Step 2 : Create and design your blog

Creating your free blog on blogger.com. It is time to customize and design your website. You need basic knowledge of HTML and CSS for this task. You need to add pages , make your blog fully responsive or you can any one best seo responsive theme for your blogger for free.

Step 3 : Make post upto 30/40

You all post most be unique and most used own words. don't try to copy from other websites. there might be arris some problems later so if you are writing an article focus on your own-minded words. it will be more worthy. keep writing unique 30 or 40 posts and more.

Step 4 : Apply for AdSense

Now, you are really ready to apply for AdSense. there are some basic tips for adsense approval you can check them out here. if you are still confused. if you wanna skip these tips you can apply directly from going to (earning) tab on blogger.com dashboard and wait for some days after apply.

Step 5 : Wait and See

after you apply keep on eyes on you email inbox. if Google really impressed with your blog posts you will get approval for adsense and you will be start making money.

Step 5 : Place ads on your blog

After successful approval you can create your ads unit going to your AdSense account and place your ads in your blog posts and start making money bringing traffic to your blog and earn money.

This is the free way to create your free blog and start money with blogger.com without spending money. something is better than nothing so don't dive up keep going.. remember , everyone's journey is same from beginning be motivational stay active. your hard work will pay you off at any cost. happy blogging!!!!!

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