Blogger ads converter will convert your adsense ads before you use it in your blogger template. Blogger ads converter is simple java script code which will convert your ads and you can use it in your blogger templates and place anywhere in the template where you want to show Adsense Ads.

blogger ads converter

If you are willing to manually place your Google Adsense Code in your blogger website via EDIT HTML then you need to convert your adsense code after that you can use it in your blogger templates. Converting the adsense ads is necessary if you want to place your ads through templates.

To insert Adsense code into a blog via Edit HTML, you cannot directly copy and paste it in your template for that you need to convert it. Goto the link of adsense and create your own ads unit and copy it and click in Convert after that copy and paste it in your templates.

You can my previous post about How to place Adsense Ads manually in blogger website? . This post has full explanation of placing Adsense Ads manually in blogger.

  • convert & to be &
  • convert ' to be '
  • convert " to be "
  • convert < to be &lt;
  • convert > to be &gt;

Note : This is only need when you are placing your Adsense Ads in template. If you are not placing through the Layout then you don't need to convert your ads unit but if you are placing through template then don't forget to convert.

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