Taking Screenshot helps you to keep your important part of images, videos, text or anything in your computer or mobiles. There are a lots of screen capture apps available in Google Play Store for mobile devices. but what about computer Pcs? There might be a lot of apps for pc too but today we are sharing you the idea about how ro take partial or any part of screenshot in your Pc having Windows 10..
You don't need to install any app in your pc to take screebshot of your desired part. You must not have known about this tools before. Yes, We,re taking about the tool name Snipping tool for your Window 10. Snipping tool is the by default tools of windows 10 that helps you to take screenshot of your special part of your windows 10 screen while you are watching Movies, Music Videos, or reading Text Messages and many more.

Sometimes you need to remind the long texts when your reading online Books, Quotes, Jokes, Song Lyrics etc. That time snipping tools will be right choice for your to take important stuff capured by this tool and you can see these stuffs later without any problems. You can use for it to save your current stuff for futures use. This tools looks simple clean and fast. it is very easy to use and quickly. It holds some features default and fews are mentioned below.
Features :
1. Easy to use.
2. Fast Run.
3. Takes Screenshot of whole screen or any part of Screen.
4. Drawing Option in Captured Screenshot.
5. Save In Specific Folders.

Capture screenshot in win10 you need to find the snipping tools and start using it in your windows 10 to take screenshot will make your easier your dailly life. You don't need anything to do or download any software for that just follow the steps below. You will be amaze about this features.
Instructions for use Snipping tools to take screenshot

There are some steps to follow, so check them out below how you can use it for free.

STEP 1 : In your windows 10 pc goto the search icon or goto search. From where you need to search the tools in search tools.

STPE 2 : After that in search just type "Snip" You will see the snipping tools. and Select the snip tools then click on it to open.

STEP 3 : Your snipping tools will launch in win10 and you can click on start to run the snip tool.

STEP 4 : Select the area of your screen with mouse that which part you want to capture as screenshot. and Drag and leave the mouse.

STEP 5 : Now You can draw anything in your screenshot if you need if you don't click on save icon in top to save.

STEP 6 : After that select the specific folder and Name your screenshot and save it. That's all.

You can use other apps to take screenshot in your win 10 by installing Apps related to screenshot apps. if you don't know how to then this article will really helps you. So, with the simple steps you will learn how to take screebshot in your win 10 with Your desired part. Hoped it really helped you. Don't forget to share your views.

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