Hello, today in this I will be teaching you about how to add custom themes/templates in blogger. In this post,you will be also learn about how to make own custom pages like contact us , about etc in blogger website.
wasting too much time let's head over to the tutorial to learn about how to add custom blogger template in blogger website.

first of all , let's know about what is custom template ? custom template means it's a theme which are designed by blogger theme devoloper. There are a of free custom themes are available, you can use it for free in your websites. You can use blogger default themes, though if you like to change the look of your blogger Website and give it a new look then you need the custom blogger template.
There are a lot of custom blogger template are available such as you can use free blogger template designed by Arlina Design, templates yard etc. You can download free blogger template visiting the website.

let's head over to the how to add or use those downloaded blogger template in your blogger website. Let's look on the steps by steps tutorial on it.

How to add custom template on blogger website?

We will be adding downloaded blogger custom template to our blogger website so, you need some knowledge to start it using in your website, let's have a look.

Step 1. Download the blogger free template visiting Arlina Design Website and download your desired template which are totally free.
Step 2. You need to extract the downloaded template using zip manager in your computer or mobile. You can use zip or rar manager for this.

Step 3. Now you need .xml format file inside the extracted folder so look for the .xml theme in extracted folder.

Step 4. Goto blogger.com and then goto themes. and seenin the right side restore and backup and upload your .xml format file there where you extracted before.

Step 5. Now, save and see the style of your theme it is completely changed. and you will be amazed for sure.

This is how you can use custom blogger template in your blogger website for free, now have a look on the how to add pages in the template to open you desired pages in link onclick.

How to add pages and link it with anchor tag?

This is very simple to do, you can do it using your mobile or computer without affecting your template, let's how to add pages and link with anchor tag in template.
Step 1. goto blogger.com and login after that goto the Pages and add new pages there such as about us, contact us etc.

Step 2. After save your pages and publish it in your blog and view it clicking in view. And click on the browser bar and copy the full link and save it somewhere to access it with ease later.

Step 3. Now, goto blogger and choose layout and see for the links navbar and click on it and edit and, if you are adding contact us page then give title contact us and paste the copied url in the link down and save it.

Step 4.To check it open your site and click on the pages you added ir modified recently if it's done you will goto the next page.
That's all for how you can link your added pages through the template in yout blogger website.
Dont forgot to change your view in mobile devices lest, it won't apperas in mobile devices, to change it goto themes》 setting icon》》and choose no, show desktop view on mobile device.

That's all how it works and how you can do it ,This is very simple method to how yoy can use and do link your pages in blogger website without any complications, Thanks.

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