Keyboards are main key of whether for pc and mobiles devices. It can be used in everywhere like chattings, playing games, searching in internet and manymore. Android is an open source software and it's popularity is all over the world because of it's unique and fascinating cusotmization & but some of stock apps in android is really fustrating. like Android stock keyboard is actually not good because it's layout which is boring, problem in auto-correct, and lack of popular Emoji etc.

You use our android device to make a call, play games , listen music and watch video as well as use internet but in great propose we need of keyboard. need of keyboard is neccesary whether in chats and use of search engine as well as browsing the Web/Internet. While chatting with your friends in top platform social networks (Facbook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp) etc. you need the keyboard. Stock keyboard has less features than other keyboard apps but to use extra other keyboard in your andorid devices you need to install from anywhere like via website or Google Play Store. There are plenty of keyboards in Play Store and We are going to share most awesome and great free 'Top 5 Keyboard' for your android devices for utitize the extra feature that doesnot come with your stock one.

Top five android keyboard for your phone

We are going to share the most and best top 5 Keyboard apps for your Android devices so , Check the post below the best keyboard apps for your phone and try it.

1 : Ikeyboard

Ikeyboard is one of the free best android keyboard to you must have in your devices. Fast typing experience , own customize theme can be done as well as it has over 100 creative themes and 1200 emoji with extra function of hashtag search.

Ikeyboard's Features

2 : Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is another free best android keyboard. This keyboard has new emoji, fancy keyboard wallpaper , beautifull theme & colorful keyboard fonts. It is user-friendly keybaord interface. It has rich colorful sticker express your feelings. We suggest you to test Go Keyboard.

Go Keyboard's Features

3 : Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard is the popular keyboard apps for android & It has all collors designs and theme, Nearly supports more than 300 languages. Tapping or swipe to type and tons of emoji are included in the keyboard.

Swiftkey Keyboard's Features

4 : Gboard Keyboard

Gboard Keyboard is great android keyboard apps that you love it because it is speed and reliability, glide typing , voice typing , and google plus search built-in. You can search and share right from Gboard Keyboard. It makes your typing very fast and easy because of it's improved speed.

Gboard Keyboard's Features

5 : Fancy Keyboard

Fancy Keyboard is a free keyboard for android that auto correct input and words predictions and it has fully personalized themes with cool fonts styles , and you can express your feeling with more than 3200 emojis, emoji arts & emoticons. You can make your typing much more good with the typing sounds along with own customized keyboard.

Fancy Keyboard's Features

So, above this post is all about Top 5 Keyboard For Your Android Phone. If you are searching for best keyboard apps for your devices to replace stock keybaord , You can pick one of them listed above & make your typing easier with fully customized and optimized keyboard apps in your phone. We hoped you liked our work & appreciate. Don't forget to share with your friends. If you have anything to say about or want to suggest other keybaord apps leave a comment below.

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