Android is a first choice to select for many tech lovers because of such a great open source software you can expand great customization and modifications with some tweaks and change the taste of it. You can have full control in Android accessing the root files and apps.

Replace System APP

Well, It is natural that when you select to buy any android mobile it comes with bunch of systems apps that manufacturer put inside the /system/apps. Even you can't eliminate the system apps. These system apps take your internal space but Though, you can remove systems apps or you can replace it with another 3rd party apps, Such as you can remove stock Galley apps, Video Players apps etc. with the 3rd party apps.
This tutorial will definitely show you the way how you can replace system apps with 3rd party apps. Check this post to know about how you can do.

How to replace system app with 3rd party apps?

You can replace the system apps with 3rd party apps though you still can use the apps just by regular install. If you really want to remove system apps and want to place another 3rd party instead of it then check the basic thing that you need to know about.

  • An android rooted devices.
  • APK file of your Apps
  • Any root file explorer such as Es File Manager, Root Explorer etc.
  • An idea with smart brain.

If you are replacing your system apps with 3rd party apps, you need to have rooted device without root you can complete this action so root is mandatory to process this. if your phone is not rooted yet go to this link
to learn about rooting android phones.

2. File Manager

After root you need the file explore file manager app with the help of it you can access your root folders and modify. if you are at confusion to select best root file manager then download from link below.

3. Replace Apps

Now, you are going to replace systems apps inside your android devices. Go to LOCAL >> /DEVICE this will open your deep root folder of your android phone which you can't access with default file manager or without root.

Replace System APP

4. Move Apps

After that, goto system folder and you are finally at the end. You will see two folders but Your pre-installed Apps contains in APP folder & Priv-APP folder. Open these two folders look for apps you want to replace. simply cut the Apk of the app you want to replace and replace with your 3rd party apk Apps.

Note :- If you want your stock apps back, keep the original apk files in the folders.

Replace System APP

Changes permission of APK

You need to change the permission of your replaced apk files in /system /app or /system/priv-app. So change it going to Option>>properties >>. and change it.

Replace System APP

6. Reboot your phone

After you replace your system apps with 3rd party apps then you need to reboot your android phone to see changes. Reboot your phone as usual way you do.

Replace System APP

NOTE: This might give birth to new issues related to software brick and bootloop. viraltrick won't take any responsibility. Everything you do is in your own risk.

On this tutorials you learnt about How to replace system apps with 3rd party apps . As i disserted already it might be really harmful for your device, Take own responsibility and proceed.

How to make any app your system App?

The way you replace your system app with any 3rd party apps. you can make any apps your system app with the help of lucky patcher. You don't replace your any system apps. E.g, If you are installing 3rd party gallery app, then it won't replace your stock app making 3rd party app your system. If you choose method and replace your apk in /system/APP then your system gallery will be moved.

Look down to know how to make any apps your system app with lukcy patcher. It is very easy. You must have probably install Bunch of apps then how you can turn it to be your system apps. basically following method of lucky patcher works well.

This process also requires the root access in your phone. make sure you know already about this.

Install Lucky Pacter

You can make your any installed app to your system app with lucky patcher. Lucky patcher is powerful android hacking app for rooted android phone. You can use it in many propose such as remove ads from app, clone app, hack in-purchase in game etc. among them it also has power feature that make your any installed app your system app.

you can do it with simple steps follow the instructions below.

Step .1 : Open your lucky patcher APP. And give it root access if it requires. if it doesn't asks for root access let it be. Also it might requires Busybox to be installed if you have not installed go to the this link.

Replace System APP

Step .2 Choose any app click on App. Goto the tools and click on Move to system/app this will put the apk into your system/app.

Replace System APP

Step.3 after that reboot requires the make changes so, reboot your phone after this process.

Replace System APP

This is all about the tutorial to replace and make any 3rd party apps to your system app in your rooted android phone. This is basically the easiest method. You will surely can do it if you know about root and customization. What is thought on this ? Leave your comments below.

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