Firefox is is the one of the best browser browser and secure to use in Window computers. Firefox has been the browser of choice of users seeking a more faster and versatile browser alternative to internet explorer as it comes with many extensions which makes the firefox smarter,more secure,versatile.

Adding extension on firefox makes your work more faster and secure. It might increase your use experience so , in this tutorial i will share must have firefox extension for windows users. So here’s a look at ten great extensions for your favorite browser.

1. Shut Up:Comment Blocker

Are you tired of looking at rude,inappropriate and offensive comments on the web pages ? Comment Blocker is here for you. Shut Up :Comment blocker hides the comments on various websites,there by loading pages more faster and filtering Web’ Yahoos. Extension’s Link: Shut Up:Comment Blocker

2. Last Pass

Last pass is a password manager that stores that stores and organizes your login ID’s,software registrations,credit card information and many more.It does it with robust security.Last Pass will automatically log you into protected sites and generates secure password so you have less chances to get hacked. Extension’s Link: Last Pass

3. Print Friendly & PDF

Have you noticed that when you print a web page you can find weirdly formatted or blank sheets.Print Freindly & PDF converts any web page to a friendly format,stripping out and allows you to adjust the text size which saves both time,paper and money. Extension’s Link: Link Friendly & PDF

4. Lazarus 3

When Browser crashes or internet disconnects it can erase all of the text and data you’ve entered into the Forms.Lazarus 3 which is also known as Lazarus Form Recovery retains all the text you have entered into the web forms and it saves as a draft.It acts as a recovery tool for a web browser.Every Firefox should be equipped with this addon. Extension’s Link: Lazarus 3

5. Youtube Resize

When you play a Youtube video you have two options for playing Youtube video:standard size and full screen size.The Addon named Youtube Resize adds a drag and drop bar at the side of video window which allows you resizing according to your need. By the help of  Youtube Resize addon now you can enlarge any video without taking them over the screen. Extension’s Link: Youtube Resize.. 

Hope you will love these all the addons and their exciting features.

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