In micro soft powerpoint We can easily make our presentation high- resolution can be converted to video. In this converted video The background sound of the presentation is also exported.

 But any option to export video from presentation in Google Slides Has not been given. But this work can be done with an add-on Is named Creator Studio. We from Creator Studios HD Presentation, Image sequences, Can convert to animated GIF.

How to convert Google Slides to Video

Follow the steps given below and your Google Convert slides

 1. Install Creator Studio To convert Google Slides to video on Go and install this Google Slides Add-on.

 2. Allow access to Google Drive This will allow you to access your Google Drive. Will request permission to Google Drive The presentation saved in can also be converted And new converted presentation to Google Drive To be saved. You give permission to this add-on.

 3. Open the presentation After installing this add-on you can Also open the presentation (which has at least 2 slides) Or make a new presentation that you want to convert. 

4. Open Creator Studio Click the add-ons menu of the menu bar. Click on Creator Studio. Select open. Now you have the sidebar of Creator Studio in the right side From where you will see your presentation Can be converted or exported.

 5. Insert output width Export Presentation Width (Width) enter in pixels. According to the quality of the output Only set this width.

 6. Enter Slide interval Time taken between the submission of 2 consecutive slides This is called slide interval. Enter the slide interval in seconds here Do it

 7. Select the format Select the output format of the presentation from the given list. You can export the presentation in the following format - Animated GIF Image Sequence Video file Video with Audio.

  8. Export Presentation Click the Go button to export or convert the presentation. Now there will be a process and when the process is complete, you will The message of Render Completed will appear.

 9. Download the output file. After the render is complete, you will be selected The download button will appear in front. So that you can convert the converted presentation Can download.

Presentation export format

GIF Image

A GIF image is a sequence of two or more images Which changes after a fix time interval It happens in a loop The sequence keeps repeating.

 Image Sequence

 This option converts each of your presentation slides into an image.

 MP4 Video

 This format converts your presentation into a video. In which each slide changes to a fixed time interval.

  Video with Audio 

 With this option of Creator Studio, we will make our presentation You can add audio file (MP3 / WAV) to the video by converting it. That is, we can add background sound to the presentation video.

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