With the help of Chrome extension it has made our work very effective and very easy to perform and accomplish what we really want to do. The benefits of the extension is you can do anything you like online or offline just by installing the extension in Google Chrome you don't need to download and install the apps for that and the google extension which will be very useful to all.

You can operate small things with the help of google extension withing an app such as you can share screen, you can share record your screen , you can edit your PDF files with just help of Google Chrome Extension. Extension are the tiny piece of software programs that allows the users to customize or edit what he really want. It helps to users to customize as their needs or preferences. The extension are made with JavaScript programming language add additional function within Google Chrome to expand user usability.

In this post, i will share how to take you chrome screen and edit it with perfect way and save it in your desired format like PDF or JPEG etc like it's an image with the help of Google Chrome Extension. I have narrated the steps below from beginning on how you can capture your Chrome screen and save it in your preferred format like PDF/JPEG.

#Can i Capture and Edit or Save ? 

Yes you can capture your Google Chrome screen with the help of tiny extension , just install it your are go to go.
 Let's get started from the steps to steps.

Step 1 : first all you need to download and install the  Google Chrome Extension in your chrome before we get started. to download the extension go to the link here. Go to download page .
Step 2 : After you go to the download link add it to your Google Chrome and it automatically enable within  your Google Chrome and you can use it.

Step 3 :  Capture your screen click on extension in the top right side in extension icon and it will take to the next page where you can capture your desired screen.

Step 4 : Select the part you want to capture and edit it and save it or share in social media. You can add some text some shapes within the edit area.

Step 5 : Save or share it's up to you, and you can operate same process every time if you like to capture your  desired part in Google Chrome.

This is how you can capture edit and share you captured image in the Google Chrome with the help of small software extension.

#How to save captured image as PDF ? 

You can save your captured image as PDF in your Google Chrome and you can print it as document , you can capture some useful text and save as PDF and print it later. Here is the way how you can do it.

Step 1 : First of all download and enable the extension in your Google Chrome for download the extension go to the this link .

Step 2 : After that you must download the add it the Google Chrome and work. Click on add extension.

 I have already downloaded that's why it show the remove from chrome.

Step 3 : Now it is time to capture some text and save it as PDF. Go to the some site and try to capture and save the file.

Step 4 : After that you will redirected to the print preview just ignore it and direct click on print form left side of you menu.

Step 5 : And save your file in your locale storage and you can it going to the same folder where you saved it, it is fully PDF format file.

This is how it all work. This is the unique way to do that whether print as PDF or save as JPEG it is all in your hand. You can do it to print informative text  from any website.

This is all how you can capture your chrome screen and save your document as PDF or JPEG with the help of tiny software extension called FireShot and LightShot. Share it with your all friends and let them know it.

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