In this article you will learn about how you can convert image text to editable text For this, Image to Text Converter Will be required. Image to Text converting process for us is very Useful and it neec us when we have a printed document and we need some correction is to be done.

So in such a situation if we do not know that If we remove the text from it image, then we type the text from starting then It takes a lot of time and effort.

someone  even the person would not like to do this work and There is no other solution but now you have a 100% working solution. With the help of Image to Text Converter, you can convert any image into Ms word files format or an image or can also be converted into a text file. this is very easy.

# Work with OCR 

To convert an image file to a text file or editable text, one Technique used Is called OCR. Full name of OCR Optical Character Recognition is In this technique, the image has to be Converting work is done. Us ocr Is needed because the computer No text written in any image Read know Computer, image text only as black and white dots So to process the text of the image We need OCR It happens.

OCR pre-load the design of every character of every line Matches the characters that have been found and when the correct match takes place But puts that character in the text format.

Well it is not necessary that OCR should identify every character. Like our handwriting completely by OCR Accurate cannot be detected. But the printed character can be identified 99 percent.

You can convert the image to text format from OCR Yes, you can convert the image to Microsoft Word, image to Microsoft Can convert to Excel. OCR this task to you You can give it in a few seconds. In the market Many Online OCR, Offline OCR, Paid OCR, Free OCR is available with the help of which you PDF to Text Conversion Very easily.

How to convert image to text ?

So let's now know that How to convert image into text? I'm telling about the online tool OCR thag how you can convert image into or pdf into text,  You will know by reading the steps given below. How to convert an image to text.

1. Open the Image to Text Converter. First online OCR's Go to the website 

2. Upload a photo. Click on the Select file… button and that image file or Upload the pdf file that you To convert to a text file.

3. Select language. Now the file uploaded from the dropdown list Choose the language.

4. Select the file format. Now from the next dropdown list, that file format (MS Word, MS Excel or Plain text) in the file format in which you The output file is needed.

5. Convert. Click the Convert button and wait for the process to complete.

6. Download the text file. after completion of conrverting the files you will get the download option and you can download your file clicking on download button.

Keep in mind :-

1. While uploading image file on online OCR Resolution of image file must be more than 200 DPI or 200 DPI So that you can get Accurate result.

2. Non-registered users on online OCR at once Can upload a maximum of 15 Mb files while one Registered users upload files up to 200 Mb.

This is all about how you can achieve the text from image or pdf, or how you can convert image into the text file using some apps. Share it with friends too.

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