is your SD CARD corrupted and you are not able to access your files inside or can not use it anymore due to it corrupted. Are you trying to recover it in easy way then here is the very essential idea to how you can format it and use it as usually. Read the article for more information.

We need the external sd card for our phone to keep our personal data such as videos , files , text files, music , photo etc which you can use it after your phone brock down. storing your important files gives your more easy user experience because your phone memory will be more free space and you will be able to perform more task and install as many as application in your phone after storing your data in your sd card.

Though, always luck does not with you because sometimes your sd card might get corrupted or can be damaged and you will lose your datas you can recover your sd card but you cant recover your files until you use recovery software, so in this post i share about how you can format your corrupted or damaged sd card in secure way. lets have a look on the tutorial below.

How to format your damaged or corrupted sd card?

There is two way that you can format your corrupted sd card or you can recover it after it damaged and force to format it. let's see the steps from beginning how you can format it in secure way.
# Using diskpart window

You can format your SD card using diskpart command in your window pc here is the way how you can do that.

Step 1 : Open the command prompt as administrator in your window pc.

Step 2 : After that you need to type command "diskpart" in the command prompt.

Step 3 : Now again type the "list disk " command to see the availabl disk to format in your computer. and you will see your sd card there and select the disk with your command Select disk 1. Dont copy what i do just do as your situation.

Step 4 : Once you select the disk type again "clean " to format it and after the process complete again type "create partition primary " and then type ‘format fs=ntfs quick’ and hit enter button.

Now you are done. if you follow the step carefully your corrupted SD card will be formatted and this is the right way how you can format your sd card using command prompt in your window 10 pc easily.

# Using Easeus partition master

if your above method didnot work or you didnot understad how to do that then look at this another method to format your corrupted sd card using easeus partition master tool in your computer. here is the way how you can do it.

Step 1 :we are using another app to format sd card so you need to download the app called easeuse partition master tool download from here is the link..

Step 2 : After that install it in your computer and open it as administrator in your desktop.

Step 3 : Now select your sd card from the left side which you want to format and right click on the disk and click on format to format it.

Step 3 :you will ask for another step and In the next step, you need to choose the file system. Select ‘NTFS’ from the list .

Step 4 :After that you will see the confirmation message pop up in your screen and you must click on ok.

Step 5 :Now click on the left side "Exucute Operation" and you work will be started and when it will be done you will get successful message on the scree.

Now.close all the operation and check you sd card it will be fully formated and this is the way how you can format your corrupted sd card with easeus partition manager in your window computer.

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