Hello friends, today we will know that someone How to remove password from PDF. Sometimes we have many necessary required files are and which are we lock with password.

 samely, It happens like every month the slip we received from the bank are Protected pdf files that contain your credit card statements Information. We do not remember the password of all such fikes which are password protection,

Then we wish Files do not have passwords at all. So now this After reading the article, you You can also remove password from PDF file. Once password removal After that file will not ask for password again when Until you do not put the password on it again.

 # How to remove password from PDF Files ? 

 Here you will know that how to remove password from PDF files without any extra software installed and this method is offline. Your computer just needs to have Google Chrome installed. Because by its use we Remove password from pdf. In google chrome Inbuilt pdf reader and PDF writers are available.

 1. Open PDF in the Chrome browser. Password Protected PDF File in Chrome Drag & Drop or right click on the file and open with Chrome Select browser

 2. Enter the password. Now Google Chrome will ask you to enter the password. Here you that Enter the correct pdf password Do it 

3. Give the print command to the PDF file. After printing the pdf open Give command To do this, go to the menu of Chrome and select the print option. You can do it or press Ctrl + P (windows) / Cmd + P (mac).

 4. Save pdf without password Do it Now select Save As PDF in Destination and click on save button Do it Then tell the location of the file where to store it and Click on save.

 This is all about how to remove password from protected PDF files for free in computer without any software. Share if it worked for you.

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