Friends, in this post today we will teach How to get your Windows 10 Forgotten password Reset? Windows 10,  as we know it People use it and it is popular for it's excellent features To keep important data secure, someone Do not steal data or use it incurrectly, so often People put passwords in computer and laptop systems. Sometimes people forget that password And cannot access their computer and They get upset because they lose their important data which they  don't want.

Today we will give you a simple trick Reset your computer system password without any data loss Can With this trick, you can get your window 8 and window 10 (Window 10) Forgotten Password Reset.

How to reset windows 10 forgotten password? 

This process is simple but it takes some time but it sure will work for you. this method
Also, you need to log in to your Windows Account. Can set the desired password. Down to proceed Follow some simple steps given. Computer Password Rese -Important things to know before get started :

You have Pendrive or
DVD player (DVD

You should have a window setup for example if you Window 10 is set in your computer if your password is set to Window 10 Should be if your computer has Windows 8 installed then your password Window should be 8 only then you can easily Forgotten (Forgot) password can be reset. After this you need to make pendrive bootable So that you can reset the password, you need a different
a computer or laptop will be needed.

Forgotten your Windows 10 Password, How to reset password?

Step 1. First of all, you need to install Windows 10 Must boot with Installation Drive. One time setup process After starting, press "Shift + F10" so your system In command prompt will open.

Step 2. Now you have the following command in the command prompt Needs to be recorded and then your Restart the computer.

cd windows
cd system32
copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe
copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe
del utilman.exerename cmd.exe utilman.exe

Step 3. Now when you login Come back, you have to click on Utility Manager, By clicking on it, you will see a command prompt. After the command mode is open, you have to type in the command Control userpasswords2 After this the window will open from where you can reset Computer Password easily (Computer password reset).

Step 4. Now the window will open to reset the computer password You have to click on Reset password and Enter password in next step.

That's it, now you can go to Old Account with your new password

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