Friends, in this post today we will know that How to make SEO Friendly the content of your WordPress? As we all know Creating a blog on WordPress is very easy but Properly optimizing it for SEO is a bit difficult. And If Your Blog's Articles Are Not SEO Optimized So there is no use for blogging.

WordPress too much for blogging Is the only popular platform that millions of people use Let's do it. Not only for bloggers, Small and medium-sized businesses, rather using WordPress There are many people, including ecommerce companies. So all It is very important to know Blog's Content in SEO for SEO How to optimize Content of your WordPress Blog How to create SEO Friendly?

Many more to make WordPress search engine friendly Things need to be setup. Let go We know about all the things one by one.

1. Research/write posts

 After understanding the topic you are writing properly Always write content and make sure that what you are writing is Easy to understand for all types of people Come on. And almost all aspects of that subject Also cover what you are writing on. Google longer gives priority to articles, but if it's too long You will lose readers. 500 in your articles Words must be there.

 2. Design

For Responsive Design, first of all you Choose a Responsive Theme for responsive WordPress theme screen size and Easily adjust your layout based on resolution adjusts. Responsive themes smart phone Like a small screen Better readability and usability provided on the device Does Via tablet and smartphone A large number of people are using the Internet. If A large proportion of your website visitors use mobile devices Is going to your website, you Seriously offer a mobile version To or on a responsive mobile theme Should consider switching.

3. Speed ​​Up Your Website

 Your website load speed 1 to 3 seconds Should be It improves user experience Because after 3 seconds most visitors start clicking on the "back" button Let's do it. Of your website Always good web to increase speed Web hosting from the company itself Purchase as well. Also Image Optimize Size of Content Delivery Network (CDN) By increasing Website Speed ​​and Hemsha Fast and Use responsive theme. For SSL Encryption Use Cloudflare this will speed up Boost.

 4. SEO Friendly url

 Your Post or Pages Keep URLs as short as possible. Shorten URLs And it is important to keep descriptive. To know about your post Search Engine also checks your URL. Your URL must also contain Main Keywords, so Make sure the keyword you use Is relevant to the article. If you need your blog post URL Trim down so make sure you Keep keywords.

 5. Title Tags

Title Tag is an HTML code tag that gives you a title Allows to give This title browser Can be found in the title bar, as well as Also found in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is. Very much for Title Tag On Page SEO Factor Are important. Title Tag to everyone Start with Targeted Keyword Want Actually, this URL, meta description tag, hN tag, ALT attribute and links (backlinks and internal links). with One of the main SEO parts.

6. Meta Description

The summary of the post is called meta description which is a web Describes page content. Search Meta description of Engine Post shows Search Result die. Post's meta description at least 150 and more Must be 160 words. And main keyword in it It is very important to be too. Google Using Meta Description for direct ranking Does not, but it can reduce your organic CTR (click- through-rate).

7. H1 and H2

Tag Should use H1 Tag for your Post Title in which Main Keywords are also very Is necessary. This shows Search Engine that it Post or Page is the main and important title. You only need one H1 Tag per Post or Page Should be used. Use H2 Tags for Subheadings Which should also include your Targeted Keywords | Subheadings to Split Your Articles into Blocks That will help a lot for both Readers and Search Engine Stays true.

8. Keywords

Make sure to keep in mind one of the posts on your blog Make sure to use the main keywords in its introduction It means that Nadar Keywords of 100 words are very Is important because search engines are special on the first 100 words Attention, it helps them understand better You will get what your article is about.

9. Image Optimization

Your To make blog articles interesting and shareable Image is required for. People like to read such articles more On whose website is attractive and relevant There are pictures. You in image files Image by adding keywords and placing ALT tags Can optimize. Optimizing Image Size Is also very important. Joe Images Size They are very large, slowing down the load time of the website And it is not right for SEO.

10. Use External Links and Internal Links

 There are two types of links you can use in your post. Internal links that point to articles that Your blog already has and external links are those that Appropriate to the keyword being linked by Point to another blog with content We do. The type of External links you have given Also help in getting some links in return for your blog Will get

# Conclusion 

 In today's post we learned about how to make seo - friendly content of your WordPress blog ?  Friends to write Seo Friendly content of your blog you need to follow Above things but with Write always good content on your own blog Should pay more attention to And to rank Blog or Website To target one of the Keyword first Write the post.

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