Android is popular operating system based on linux. If we look around we can find the priority of android because it is open source based on linux and can be customised as well. Though, any smartphone based on android comes with a lot pre-installed apps which are none of use. Which keep running in background which you don't know.

Kill background app in android
Kill background app in android

Running apps in background drains your bettry quick and consume your data rapidly which you are  unknown about. Even , your installed apps keep consuming your data whenever you are connected to the working network connection. If you have installed apps such as messenger,  imo etc and whenever you connect to network then it starts consuming your data. It consumes your data when use the app but it also consume data in background even you exit from the app.

So, in this post i haved share the method how you can kill the background proccess of your apps whenever you leave it or exit it. Have a look in the tutorial below.

How to kill background process in android after you exit from app and don't let app to consume data in background? 

This is very easy method which you might not know so far. You don't need to root your device or install any apps for this. You can use developer option to start it. How? Have a look on the post below.

Step 1 : Open your android mobile and goto setting from app drawer or from any way open your setting page of android phone. 

Step 2 : Now goto the my phone/device section from your setting in your android phone.

Kill background apps

Step 3 : Now you see many options there just look for "Build Number" there and click on it 7 times to enable the Devoloper Options in setting.

Kill background apps

Step 4 : Now go back and you will see developer option just above the about phone options in the setting and open the devoloper option.

Step 5 : Now, scroll at the bottom of the options and look for the option "Do Not Keep Activities" and just tick on it exit the setting menu.

Kill background app

Congratulations. Now, you have successfully enabled the setting to destroy every apps in background to consume your data or kill the background proccess of any installed app in your phone. 

This will totally kill the app work in background as long as you leave it or exit from app.

Regarding to data consultation in background of any apps you can turn the background data on in your android phone. Follow the steps below to turn background data on but this only stop apps from consume data but turning on "don not keep activities" kill the apps completely until you re-open it.

"To turn in background data" :-

1. Goto setting from your phone .
2.  Now, look for data usage and open it.

Background data on

3. Turn on background data, done.

This is how you can deal with this all. This really help you to the stop from let apps to consume data in background in your android phone. Liked it, share with all.

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