Blogging has grabbed the vast place in the web. blogging has been the another differ work area for new generation because you can work from and you don't need to escape here and there . You can do it from home and without paying single penny.

If we look around, there are vast numbers of blogger and the number of bloggers is aggravating each day in large number. You can start your journey of blogging from home and you can use your mobile for this and you can use your computer too. If you don't have computer you can utilise your mobile for blogging because it's easy and free.

If you are blogger and has been blogging then today i have come up with the list of 3 most have apps for blogger in 2019. What are the 3 most have apps may be the question right now you are thinking then have a look on the post below.

What are the 3 most have apps for blogger ?

I compiled the most precious theree apps for blogger which is really neccesary. If you don't have the apps mentioned below you can use it and it's free to download. This is android apps for blogger. I have listed the 3 most have apps and i have been using the 3 apps in my tablet which is very usefull. So, look and consider once.

# 1 . QReduce Lite

Qlite is a tiny android apps which let users to convert or compress the high resolution images in low size without loosing the quality of images. I comes with very small size and capable for every android version in 2019. It's very easy to use because you can compress your images in your desired size.

 If you have images with size more than 4 mb then you compress it to 100kb and the quality will be the same. I recommend it's for blogger because comppressed images will decrease your website loading time and it's really neccesary to do compressing the images before we use.

# 2 . Picsart

Picsart is very powerful photo editing software for android mobile. It's similar to photoshop where you can create png photos and gif using your android phone.

 You can create your own sambles as well as you can create your own download buttons ,readmore button, images button ,banners with the help of picsart. I recommend you this app because it has many features for editing purpose. you can use images after editing in picsart to your blogging blog.


If you write your post in html then it's really easy for you to use html editor because you can write your posts in html editor and preview it wihtin app before publishing in the blog posts.

 If you write html and css code and you want to preview it before publish then html editor will work for you. It's very easy and work in all android version. You can learn html and css using the apps and you can learn building beautiful html button , images, pages , hover effect, transition within app. Try it once, it's awesome.

# 4 . KineMaster

This is the optional part, if you are youtuber then i recommend you to kinemaster for your android mobile. It is very powerful video editing app for android mobile which comes with awesome features. the features are you can edit any video, change the audio in video, you can make intro for youtube, you can add subtile for music video. If you don't have computer to edit and make your own video then i recommend you to try this awesome android app for video editing purpose.

You may find other apps over the internet but as i experinced you don't need other apps after you resume your work with these above mentioned apps. With the help of mentioned above apps, it will be easy for your youtube channel and for blogging.

That's all. This is how you can install the 3 most have apps in your android phone and utilise your blogging and youtube channel. Share and let your all friends know about this.

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