Android is loved by billions of users because of it's the most best mobile operating system that comes with a lot of advance customization after the root. Its a obviously a good and famous operating system among all of other operating system.

We have shared some unique android tutorials along with tips and tricks and those all are awesome. If you have rooted your android phone then you can do plenty of customization in your on way. There are a lot of apps available in play store that gives you direction to customise every section of your android phone. Few of article are already shared by us in the label of customization if android and today is also come up with another android customization tutorial about how you can change the navigation icons in your android phone.

So, We have explained in previous post that android is full of customization because of it is open source and for that you need to access. Without root you can't perform any customization on your android phone. If you have rooted phone and looking for the tutorial to How to change the boring navigation icons in your android phone ? then this tutorial is very precious for you, Let's get started.

How to change the navigation icons in Android ?

Well, this is easy method for root users. Root is very neccesary to bring customization in the androud phone. For, changing navigation icons you need to follow the some basic tutorial and following the method is narrated.

Step 1 : First of all, you need rooted android phone along with xposed installed in it. because we are changing the navigation icons through the xposed method which works on rooted android phone, If you don't know about root and xposed you can see the tutorial available in the internet about rooting.

Step 2 : Now, down the Android Navbar Buttons app from the play store for that goto the download link form here - Download Link .

Step 3 : Install the application right in your android phone. Do open it and look for select theme and press on it.

Step 4 : Now, choose your favourite navigation icons from there, Options are very and you can choose one by one and confirm one after you liked.

Step 5 : Open xposed in you android phone from apo drawer and look for the Android Navbar Buttons module and enable it.

Step 6 : Changes may applied after the you reboot your android phone so, you need to restart your phone to make changes. please reboot now your phone.

Congratulations, you android stock navigation icons are gone now. Now, your custom navigation are appear instead of default.

Note : If you like to revert the changes or want to come back to the stock navigation avoiding custom then you simplycan simply can disable the module in the xposed.

# Navigation Bar 

This is app available in Google Play Store and it is top rated which works like a charm in your non-rooted android phone. You can download it from play store. visiting this link here - Download Link.

Navigation bar

This aligns in the bottom the you android phones screen and works great. But, this is just the navigation bar it won't changes your navigation icons anymore.

# Navigation Button

This is most popular app available on Google Play Store to customise your navigation icons customly. This is replace the your stock navigation icons with your own desired icons. You can diwnload the app from play store and you can click on the link here - Download Link to download from Google Play Store.

Navigation Button 

This app has simple interface you can use it easily without any trouble. You can get features like changing navigation icons, navigation image background, navigation animations, navigation background color as well as navigation button color etc.

These above mentioned apps will also help you to customise the navigation bar icon in your android phone, the method is nothing just install it and open and customise.

This is all about how you can change the navigation icons in your android in your own way though, there are advanced functionality in rooted phone than non rooted phone. So, for advanced and more functionality features and customization root your android phone. if you have anything to say about this post, the comment section is availablethere for you.

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