Android is most popular operating system because of it's totally an open source based on linux can be customised as the user requirements. If we look around us, there we can see majority of android. Android is ease to utilise than other operating system.

Clone app in Android

For gaming purpose, Editing, Customize, and many more android has been the most used operating system in the World. In this post we will teach you how to clone any android apps in your android phone. we have shared others android tips and tricks also, though apart from those, this is the another best and differ tips and trick which is all about How to clone any android app in android phone and install twice the same app?. This is only can be done in android and that's the reason why android is popular and best operating system.

How to clone any app in android and install twice in the phone?

Well, this is the another best tips and tricks which will help you to clone any android app and install it in your phone. at sum, you can use 2 same app with different ID in your phone and which is only possible in Android. Curious? then have a look in the tutorial below to how you can get started.

# Clone and install

This method where you will be able to clone your favourite app in your android phone then you can install in separately in your phone without any trouble. I already told you this only can be done with android operating system. so, if you have android phone then follow the step below.

Step 1 : There are so many apps available in the internet to clone the app right in your phone. I recommend you to download the app from link below. it will help you to clone the app. download the app from Link here.

App cloner app 

Step 2 : After the successful download. you need to install it in your android phone and it's simple as usual.

Step 3 : After that open the app and you will see the list off installed app in your android phone and click on the any app which you want to clone.

Step 4 : Now, you can see the next interface where you can change the icon color and other advanced setting of the app you are going to clone. do all the alternations as your own requirements.

Step 5 : If you did everything right, click on the riht side tick sign and let the app to clone process.

Step 6 : After you click on that icon it start processing let the complete the process if cloning.

Step 7 : When you cloning get successful click on install or you can cancel it to install later, you can find the cloned app in the cloned apk section on top.

Step 8 : Now, clicking on still will start the installation and it will not affect the main version of this app. It will be installed separately in your phone.

Step 9 : Now, you can use the app and it is the another app with same app interface. Some app won't work all the features.

This is how you can clone and use the same app twice in your android phone and the app cliner will let you clone the same as many as time you desired.

# Parallel Space

Parallel Space is another best app to clone the installed app in your android phone where you can use the same app saperately without any complications. This app is also available in the google play store you can download from the Google Play Store in your phone. Currently, this app is not supported in the android version below 5.0. You can do the same thing here but you dont need to installed any app in your phone for use parallel space because you just need to add the app within the parallel space and run the app from the the app inside.

Step 1 : This app is available in Play Store you can simply download it from the Play Store or you can click download here .

Step 2 : Open the app and click add the your desired favourite app in the parallel space and run it from there. Your app will run separately without any error.

Cloned Apps

This is how you can do it with parallel space and it's very easy and simple. Though some features of the cloned app might fail to operate.

# 2Accounts

2Accounts is also popular app available in the Google Play Store. It does the same operation as the parallel space. And the both app's features are similar. Currently it supports android version 9. Additional you can lock your app and save your privacy.

Step 1 : Download the app from the play store and it is available in Google Play Store and have so many goog reviews. You can download the app from the link Play Store Download Link.

Step 2 : Open the app and you will see the available installed app in your phone and now click on the "+" Sign to add app in the clone and it will added in cloned app.

Step 3 : Now, run the app from there and it will open as new interface and you can use the same app with differ ID or configuration.

This is how it works and how you can simply run the same installed app saperately in your android phone with 2Accounts app.

That's all about how to clone and run the same app saperately in your android phone or install the same app twice in your android phone. This is only can be done with Android. Though , some of the cloned app may fail to operate as your expectations and configuration.

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