There is no doubt , pubg (player unknowns battle ground) is top game and it's popularity is all over the world and the more and more features are comming everyday. It played worldwide and it is the online survival game.

Eventhough,  the saddest thing is that most all old series devices having ram under 2GB won't support pubg as well as if you want to play in computer your need better speces. If you wanna play pubg and for those whose mobile doesn't meet the configuration requirements for pubg mobile tencent has released it's LITE version for low end devices.

Pubg Mobile Lite

You will be able to play pubg mobile lite in your 1gb ram too. It is specifically released for low end devices. Though, there are so many features that are not included as main version has. You can't play pubg mobile and pubg mobile lite together. Know the some features you will get in Pubg Mobile Lite.

  • Total 60 players 
  • War mode
  • Smooth Graphics 
  • An extended Time to kill
  • Location display 
  • Heal while moving
  • 8x, 6x , 4x 2x scope
  • Buggy vehicle 
  • Winner pass
  • Bullet trail adjustment 
  • Many more

The pubg mobile lite is not launched globally and it is available in some country brazil, philliphines, india and other countries but even though it is showing in play store from nepal server. You can search "pubg mobile lite" in olay store if it is available in your country it shows else won't show. You can check it from okay store. 

What if , it is not available in my country? 

If it is not available in your country you can still download from other websites like apkpure, apk mirror etc. Or simply,  you can use any vpn to downlaod from play store.

Follow the easy step below to download pubg mobile lite if it is not available in your country. 

Step 1 : Open your browser. You can use any browser such as Google Chrome , Opera, Brave, Uc etc. 

Step 2 : Goto this Link here. And you will be redirected to the apkpure.

Step 3 : Now, search there "pubg mobile lite " and you will be see the pubg mobile lite version to download, the latetst version is 0.14. Download it , it has .xapk extention.

Pubg mobile lite apkpure

Step 4 : Download any root file manager such as Es file manager, root xploerer etc, where you can edit the extension of file. I recommend you to use "Es File Manager".

Step 5 : Open the downloaded folder where you downloaded your .xapk file and rename it to .axpk to .zip and extract it using file manager or any zip manager.

Step 6 : Open the extracted folder and install the Apk (pubg mobile lite ), and dont run it.

Step 7 : Open android folder in extracted folder and move the folder "com.tencent.iglite" to your phone memory folder to Android 》Obb.

If there is no obb folder you can create new.

Step 8 : Now, open the app pubg mobile lite if it must work. Congratulations you can play now.

This is how you can enjoy playing pubg mobile lite in your low end devices, i accept that it is very behind in the term if features but you will enjoy it alot.

What if, i get server error ? 

If you get server error and you are unable to play you need to connect with vpn or use any dns changer. 

Download dns changer from here "Download now."

Step 1 : Download and install the app speedy dns changer.

Step 2 : Open it and select the server "Brazil" or "philliphines " and connect it .

Step 3 : Now, open pubg mobile lite the error must have gone away.

This is how you can download and play pubg mobile lite in your low end devices,  This the only way to play pubg mobile lite if it is not available in your country.

Samely, You can download and play pubg pc lite in your pc. If you were unable to play the main version then you can download and play the pubg pc lit in your pc. The lite version is released for low spec mobile and pc which doesn't meet the configuration requirements for run the main version. 

Pubg pc lite download

Below are the pubg pc lite configuration requirements if you pc meets the below requirements then congrats you can play oubg pc lite in your pc.

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics 4000

How ro download pubg pc lite? 

You can download it via official website. Where you will see download option and you can download it.

Download pubg pc lite

 Download and setup in your pc to play pubg pc lite in your pc.

The above mentioned or described methods or steps are shared by the admin with own personal experience. And all the methods are working and this post only cover the explanation about pubg lite version. 

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