Pubg (Players unknown Battle Ground) is an online survival popular game and it has gained a lot of users. Games has different mobile version according to mobile capabilities. Pubg mobile and Pubg mobile lite are two different version. for low end devices players can play pubg mobile lite and for high end devices players can play pubg mobile which in main version. Pubg mobile lite is the tiny version of pubg mobile.

recently, tencent updated the it's pubg mobile lite version and it has added more and more options and features. You can simply update your pubg mobile lite to its newer version from Google Play Store.

Though, we have already discussed in previous post that pubg mobile is not released globally mean you can directly download pubg mobile lite from Google Play Store if it is not released in your country. for that you need to download from other websites such as apkpure, apkmirror etc.

# Pubg Mobile Lite new update

Recently, pubg mobile lite received new awaited update which includes more and more features. The update is really awesome because this update has released new map called Golden Woods which is tiny version of Sanhok. The update has new map which is awaited feature in Pubg Mobile Lite. Here are the list of new updates.

  • New map : Golden Woods
  • New Firearms : PP-19, QBZ, QBU
  • New Vehicle : UAZ
  • New Game Mode: Firefight: War Mode of RPG-7
  • Fancy Title
  • New achievement system

#New Map

Now, you can play the game in new map called Golden Woods. If you have played then you must known it because it's the tiny version of sanhok. Though, this is the great awaited update for pubg mobile lite. Goto to Play Store and update the game. The new map is bigger than older map erangel.

#New Weapon

In this latest version you can get new weapon called pp-19, QBZ, QBU. And the weapon can be found more in New map then old map. Thease firearms uses ammo of UMP, M416 etc.

# New Vehicle

In the old version you could drive buggy, bike and car but in the latest version you can drive new car which is UAZ. The vehicle in available in the latest version.

# Fancy Title

You can edit your title in the setting page and show it to your friends. You can set you desired title and show it off with your friends.

# New Achievement System

The layout for achievement has been updated and you can feel new taste in the new game play. All the latest achievement and mission are updated.

These above are the major updates from latest version. Though, there are other fixes and update too, There are some bug fixes and has more stability. You can feel really new experience in the latest version.
These all are the latest update from new version, The more and more updates are expected to come in next updates.

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