Ecommerce side has been found to be involved in foreign exchange digestion. Daraj was found selling foreign currency including US dollars at a premium price.

As mentioned in the ecommerce side, if you pay Rs. 1,300, you can load 10 US dollars on PayPal. However, some time ago, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) took action after it was found that Isewa was loading money in PayPal. After the action, Isewa has stopped the service of loading dollars in PayPal.

The exchange rate set by Daraj for loading money in PayPal is much higher than that set by Nepal Rastra Bank. Nepal Rastra Bank has set a selling rate of Rs 123.36 per US dollar for today. However, it is said that one has to pay Rs 1,300 to load 10 US dollars in a drawer on PayPal. Paying 1,300 rupees for 10 dollars means that the exchange rate is 130 rupees.

According to the existing law of Nepal, banks other than financial institutions that have obtained permission from the National Bank are not allowed to sell US dollars. However, Daraj has been found selling US dollars at a premium price from his side.

“If you pay 1,300 dollars through a drawer in Nepal and load 10 dollars into a paypal, you can go abroad and withdraw dollars. It also makes it easier to take capital abroad,” said a businessman.

It has been found that different types of digital gifts are being sold from the same platform. A search of the e-commerce site found more than 5,000 digital gifts for sale.

You can buy such digital gifts and give them as gifts to others. The drawer pays in Nepali Rupees for making such gifts. However, the drawer itself does not produce or sell any goods. The sellers listed in the drawer will sell their products. However, since the drawers have provided a platform for selling goods, the drawers have also been questioned.

When buying digital gift cards such as Ticket, Xbox, Steam, the card issuing companies are foreign, so the foreign currency is out.

Guruprasad Poudel, executive director of the payment system department of Nepal Rastra Bank, says that further study is needed in this regard.

“This is a matter of investigation and scrutiny (of foreign currency transactions through drawers). It is a matter of asking the concerned authorities what happened and the necessary investigation is being carried out,” said Executive Director Poudel.

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