Apple is going to use 3D technology to make the chassis (important parts like movement, hand) of its upcoming smartwatches. According to the international media organization Bloomberg, Apple is going to use this technology in the Watch Series Nine models.

Currently, Apple is making the chassis of the watch by cutting the metal sheet to the right size. With the new technology, it is said that the consumption of metal and the time required for the production of watches will be reduced.

Similarly, this technology, which has been used in areas like real estate and aerospace, is believed to be very useful in the technology industry as well. Generally: Digital design is used to create physical objects in 3D printing. Similarly, metal is added layer by layer to make the final product.

Apple is going to make the chassis of the watch using 'Binder Jetting' method. It is said that Apple has been testing this technology for the last three years and if it is successful, it will use this technology in future products.

It is expected that Apple will announce Watch Series Nine along with Watch Two Ultra at the Apple event on September 12. It is said that watch series nine will have various other changes including processor, battery backup.

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