Citizens of Nepal and India can now make payments to each other through QR. Nepal's largest payment system operator PhonePay and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)'s international branch 'NIPL' have partnered to launch cross border QR payment service between Nepal and India soon.

The partnership between these two organizations will be announced through the 'Global Fintech Fest 2023' program. This collaboration between PhonePay and NIPL will help the citizens of both countries to make payments through QR codes at various stores using mobile apps affiliated to these two networks.

Both organizations have completed operational preparations for this service and the technical integration work is in the final stage, according to Fainpay. After the completion of the technical integration, the two organizations will be able to provide services to their network members.

Fanpay believes that this strategic partnership between the two organizations will give a significant boost to the digital payment environment in both countries.

"This remarkable launch is an important step towards enhancing financial connectivity between Nepal and India using technology for the benefit of the citizens of both countries," said Biswas Dhakal, chairman of PhonePe and chairman of FOne Soft Group, "This initiative will play an important role in the development of trade, tourism and economic relations between the two countries. I am confident that it will contribute and ultimately promote prosperity and development. It has not been revealed when this service will start.

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