In recent times, there has been an increase in fraud by hacking Facebook accounts and saying 'I have earned millions of rupees in a few hours' through posts. In particular, it has been found that they are making people click on various scam links and through that, taking over the account and posting unethical posts.

In this case, first of all, a post of earning millions by investing money in a short time from the hacked account is posted. Then the user is asked to send a message to the Instagram account through Facebook. After sending the message, the process of taking over Instagram and Facebook account will proceed.

How is Facebook account hacked?

Most of the Facebook accounts that have been hacked are mostly of the same type of posts.

"hello guys, I recently invested 6 lakh Nepali rupees and earned 3 crore two lakh 20 thousand rupees in two hours," the hacked Facebook account read, "Don't miss this great opportunity. This is a legal act. And this was possible because Alisa guided me. Thanks to him for this. If you want to earn too, message Alyssa from the link below.”

A link to an Instagram account has been placed below this writing. If you are talking on that account, various kinds of temptations are shown. And you are asked to keep the email address given by them in your Instagram info.

In this way, after keeping the email address in the info, the account will be taken over by the hacker. And they remove the number and recovery account held by the user. If Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked then both will be taken over. After that, they abuse the photos in the account and make similar posts again to deceive other users.

How to avoid?

Generally, don't believe the posts that say that you can earn millions in a short period of time. Apart from that, understand who is giving you tips that can earn you and why.

If your close friends or people connected on Facebook and Instagram have posted such posts, confirm through other means whether they have posted or not.

Apart from that, there seems to be an increase in the hacking of Facebook pages and accounts, saying that they will give millions of dollars a week for placing advertisements on Instagram or Facebook pages.

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