Recently, there has been an increase in the number of bright objects flying in the sky. The shiny object, which was rarely seen before, has become more visible in the last few years. At a glance, you may think that the stars are flying.

People in developed countries such as Britain and America have the illusion that such objects are alien UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). However, such objects are not stars or UFOs but satellites launched by a satellite internet provider company called Starlink.

In the video of the first episode of Mugu Yatra released recently by Nepali YouTuber Ghumante aka Kanchan Rai, the issue of Starlink satellite is also mentioned. In the 55th minute of the video, Ghumante's owner/YouTuber Kanchan Rai raised the issue of Starlink.

"We were going down to the monastery after charging our mobile phones, we were invited to have dinner at Sonam sir's house," Kanchan Rai said in the 55th minute of the video. At first I thought how the stars moved.”

He further said, "Two or three stars were growing in one line, then 10/15 in a line like stars in our sky and set on the hills behind."

Rai thought that the shining objects were not stars when he saw them flying in a single line. He asked the man of that house if such a sight had ever been seen in the sky before. They also replied that such a scene was seen for the first time. Although he saw that scene in the sky with his eyes, he could not capture it on camera. While studying later, he said in the video that the shiny object is a satellite of Elon Musk's company Starlink.

What is a Starlink satellite?

Starlink is a satellite network developed by Elon Musk's company SpaceX. For this, Elon Musk's company SpaceX launches a satellite using a reusable Falcon Nine rocket. These satellites are initially launched at an altitude of 290 km above the Earth. Then the satellite moves itself to the upper surface with the help of its engine. In particular, the working orbit of the satellite is between 340 and 550 km from the earth. It takes months for the satellite to reach this point and work successfully.

During this intervening month, satellites are clearly visible from different parts of the earth. Due to the reflective surface of the satellite, the sunlight hits the satellite and reaches the earth. At this time, it seems that the light came from the satellite. However, the satellite does not have its own source of light. Since they are continuously orbiting the earth, they are visible from different parts of the world. Forbes magazine mentioned that there are up to 60 such satellites in one line.

The satellite is not visible when it is not falling on the satellite or even when the part of the earth is illuminated. If it is dark where you are and the satellite is orbiting the earth towards your area, then the light reflected from the satellite can be seen in the dark night.

Since the satellites are arranged one after the other in the earth's orbit, they appear to be flying in a row at the same speed.

With the help of these satellites, Starlink has been providing internet in very rural areas. Especially considering the problem of places where wireless internet service is not available and the internet speed is low even if it is available, this company has promoted the implementation of satellite internet.

"The majority of satellite Internet service is provided by a single geostationary satellite orbiting 35,786 kilometers above Earth," Starlink states on its website.

During the war between Russia and Ukraine, satellite internet proved to be a boon for Ukraine. Last February, Musk provided the necessary equipment for satellite internet to provide satellite internet in Ukraine. Especially after the Russian army stopped the internet service obtained by other means, satellite internet was provided to them as an alternative. Apart from that, satellite internet has reached most of the places that are prone to disasters.

Why do we see a train of satellites in the sky?

SpaceX is constantly launching satellites to increase the range of satellite internet. Recently, SpaceX launched 56 new Starlink satellites into Earth orbit. So far, there are 2000 active Starlink satellites in Earth's orbit. Starlink's three active satellites are visible on clear starry nights and nights with less light pollution.

Not only SpaceX but also companies like Amazon are launching hundreds of satellites. Thus, when hundreds of satellites are launched into space, it has caused satellite pollution. This makes it difficult for astronauts to observe space. So far no policy has been made to stop satellite launch.

However, in order to prevent light reflection from the satellite, Space X is working to make the surface of the satellite of the same nature. Apart from that, the company is solving these problems by collaborating with scientists. Musk believes that there will be no problems due to satellites.

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