In recent times, anyone who uses the Internet should be cautious. Cyber criminals are using many hacking methods like phishing, man in the middle attack. Websites and apps that look similar can be traps set by malicious hackers.

In this way, even by creating a fake website that looks exactly like a real organization or person, hackers are trying to trap ordinary users. Today we are going to tell you how to recognize such fake websites:

address bar

The easiest way to tell if any website is fake or real is to look at the address bar. The upper part of any browser is called the address bar. It usually has a link to the website. Which starts with 'https' in English. The 's' in it means secure.

But don't rely on that alone. In some cases, the browser itself informs the address bar itself that the website is not secure. But hackers can use several procedures to meet security standards. In that case, we have to check the spelling of the website.

If there is wrong spelling or spelling then we should know that website is fake. Like: 'techpana' can be changed to 'tekpana' by hackers. We also have to look at the domain extension. Like hacker may have made

Language and design

In some cases, hackers fail when trying to create a fake. They might have got the grammar wrong. Or, there may be some mistake in the design of the website itself. Similarly, various photos, graphics may be wrong. If you find such a mistake, you should be alert.

About Us and Contact Us

These two are the sections we should pay attention to on any new or suspicious website. Because who runs the website? Where is their office or address? What is their contact address? Information like that is available here.

Similarly, informaion about the person who runs the website or the people involved in the company that runs the website is usually given in 'About Us'. If there is information about a person, you can verify their social media like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Excessive advertising

When you open any free website, it is natural to see advertisements. But if many advertisements are seen unnaturally, it should be suspected. Such ads come in the form of roadblocks (advertisements that come along with opening a website) or pop-up messages.

If there are advertisements about more illegal things like betting, crypto, etc., then it can be another cyber scam.

Check the website

It is possible to check whether other websites are safe or not from some websites. Such websites inspect any website and create a report. By looking at it, you can know whether the website is fake or not.

If you come across any fake or scam website you can report it or inform the police. By doing so, the website will be shut down and millions of people will be saved from being cheated.

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