Users who install the iOS 17 update, which has been available since Tuesday, have seen a problem of battery draining quickly on their iPhones. Users who have installed the update have posted on social media and complained that the battery has started to decrease.

"Has iOS 17 caused battery problems for anyone?," wrote one X user, "iOS 17 has killed battery life." Similarly, other users have also complained that the battery has started decreasing much faster than before. Although they installed the update with enthusiasm to use the attractive features of iOS 17, they complain that the battery drains quickly. "For whatever reason I was afraid to install the iOS 17 update, it finally happened," wrote another user.

iOS 17 was made available to all users from Tuesday night. Users were excited to install iOS 17 with various features brought to Mac, camera app, photos, facetime and keyboard.

Another user has written, "After upgrading to iOS 17, the battery suddenly started to decrease." Mentioning Apple support and Apple, the user has started putting his complaints. Some other users have complained that the phone is heating up and some have said that the device is slow.

Also some features of iOS 17 like; Users have responded that autocorrect is also annoying. With the iOS 17 update, some features of the phone that were not activated earlier may be running in the background. According to DailyMail, there are such tools in iOS 17, which are automatically activated and consume battery.

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