Pathao, Nepal's leading ride sharing and hailing app, will now also provide courier services. The company's managing director Ashimmansingh Basnyat told the plan in a special conversation with Tekpana.

According to him, Pathao will soon add courier services to its platform. "We are trying to make Nepali people's lives easier," he said, "After the launch of Pathao's courier service, the delivery of goods by e-commerce companies in Nepal will be easier and consumers will be able to purchase goods at a cheaper price."

Basnyat says that Pathao's courier service can be used by all e-commerce companies. However, the company has not disclosed detailed information about when this service will start.

pathao, which started in the year 2015 from America, started its service in Nepal on 25 September 2018. The company, which is preparing to celebrate its fifth anniversary on October 8, is currently providing car, taxi and motorcycle ride sharing and hailing services, as well as food delivery, parcel and market services.

Outside the valley, in Chitwan, the company has also added three-wheeled auto-rickshaw services to its app.

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