The nature of my work requires me to travel a lot. I used to walk on a scooter. But since my son was young, he was ill before going on a journey. After going out of the house, he would have a cold and cough. So I had to take a car.

My father also had money, I also had some. And together we bought a Tata Nexon Prime electric car. After that, my son did not get sick because he traveled in the car.

By car, we have reached many places like Jhapa, Butwal, Chitwan, Bandipur, Pokhara. It has only been eight months since I bought it. But during this period, I have covered 16 thousand kilometers.

I have reached Jhapa only three times. After all, Jhapa is also my home. You have to charge three times on the way from Kathmandu to Jhapa. When I go home, I leave at 4 in the morning. By doing so, Mulkot will be reached around 6/7 pm. At that time, the battery is 56 percent. I charge while having lunch there. And then they reach Lahan or Bardibas to eat.

When reaching Bardibas, the battery level drops to 25/30 percent. But once charged at Bardibas, it goes safely till Itahari. And itahari is reached at lunch time. You have to charge it again. Then I will go straight home. The car charges very quickly from 90 to 95 percent. Then it takes more time from 95 to 100 hours. In that case, I always charge up to 90%.

For the first time, on my way home from Kathmandu, I reached Lahan directly without charging at Bardibas. At that time, we went to a hotel in Lahan to find a Tata charging station. By the time we got there, the battery had dropped to 16 percent. At that time, I had charged at Mulkot. It is often said that electric vehicles have range anxiety. But if a plan is made, there will be no such problem.

You can charge whenever you go to a Tata charging station. That is a very good point. We are given cards or apps to charge electric vehicles. You only need to tap while using the card. Sometimes the app may not work when there is no internet. But at that time the card is easier.

Similarly, when the money on your card runs out, if you request the staff there, they will keep it. Tata is providing the card. In the beginning, one has to recharge for one thousand rupees. And the fee can be paid at the charging station. One time recharge can reach many places. That way I can travel Kathmandu-Jhapa-Kathmandu. Tata's app is also user friendly. But it doesn't work where there is no internet. How many times have you cheated me too.

Once, while returning from Jhapa to Kathmandu, we stopped to charge on the way. It was raining. The electricity was gone. But the station was running even with the generator running. I also charged from the generator there. That also shows how Tata's service is.

The reason behind us buying Tata is to become a neighboring country in India. It is also easy to get goods if the car is damaged. When I bought the car, I studied about electric cars. At that time, Tata had the most charging stations in Nepal.

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